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Eli Magic & St. Louis Children's Choir @ Powell Hall

December 7th, 2019 – 1:00pm – Powell Hall, St. Louis, MO

For over 40 years, the Choirs have brought holiday joy to diverse St. Louis audiences. This year promises to be magical. Our guest artist will premiere his own composition “A Magic Christmas” and perform John Lennon’s beloved piece, “Happy Christmas” featuring the Concert Choir ensemble.

Eli attended Cincinnati School of Performing Arts then moved to St. Louis to attend Harris Stowe University. He recently recorded his first holiday EP record featuring singers from The St. Louis Children’s Choirs.

Bring your family and friends to beautiful Powell Hall for an afternoon of Holiday Magic!


Eli Magic

Eli Magic is one of the most alternative artists , singer , songwriter in post millennium pop. 

This Cincinnati native born Gene Borders started singing and dancing at an early age. His passion for the art was inspired by many of his peers, such as Chris Brown,  Lil Wayne , The Weeknd , and Usher to name  a few. But it was the magic , and showmanship of Michael Jackson that influenced him the most.

Eli’s gift for writing music comes from a higher source within  from untimely experiences . His mom, also a singer and preacher, developed a brain aneurysm; that forced Eli and his siblings to move with family members.  Eventually Eli was placed in foster care and this unique up bringing forged him into the unique person / artist he is today.

Saks 7th

Saks 7th born DeAndre Wesley ( 01/02/1989 – 11-27-2019) was an American rapper, songwriter and performer.  He captivated audiences with his slick street story telling rhymes mostly rapping about the struggles of life and prison. Raised by his mom and grandmother in the heart of St. Louis MO ,it wasn’t always easy for him growing up.
Saks often kept a notebook with him writing raps constantly, even years before he ever recorded one track. After spending a few years in prison he had more music written than before. In 2014 Saks signed to Promo Live Entertainment where he recorded and released his first single “Hold On ” A street anthem in which received minor reviews but did get his name buzzing in the city. Saks was influenced by many before him, rappers like Lil Wayne, Chinx, and TI whom he often was told he resembles. 2015 Saks released another street anthem ” Squad Goals”. The video to the song brought the rapper lots of attention and likes via Facebook, YouTube,  and IG . Saks catchy hooks and charisma had even good girls wanting to be thots, with his 2018 release of “Thot Thot ” a song he wrote after a failed relationship.
Saks was an artist, and adored by many.
He was murdered in 2019, but his star will continue to shine, through his love , through his music and through out the years to come.

Promotion Live Entertainment LLC, is an independent conglomerate widely known as Promo Live. Founded in 2014 by DonRico Humphrey. By 2015 The Management Group had an roster of all genres of music even signing several in house producers. After negotiating deals and being the liaison to the majors, Promo Live decided to become a record label. Working along the side of many artists from country to hip hop, But specializing in R&B & Pop alternative genres. 2019, Promo Live has launched it's very own studio in order to compete in the market. Promo Live believes in excellence and always looking to go beyond the average . The Company headquarters is located in St.Louis MO.



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